Product update and new features – week 28 – Particeep

  • [Admin]  Menu display was fixed on the small screen for the admin dashboard : with a long length menu like the admin menu, it has been fixed to have a correct display on small screens or smartphone screens


  • The icon dedicated to the KPI display has been updated

KPI display - Google Chrome

  • [Admin] A ‘loader’ has been added when importing users  : to avoid upload errors when importing a huge number of accounts

Managing your platform - Google Chrome

  • [Project account] Display has been improved on general information when the fields are hidden : display is now balanced.


  • Display for ongoing projects or successful projects on specific pages with two HTML tags:
    <!-- Projets en succès -->
    <div id="projects_success"></div>
    <!-- Projets en cours-->
    <div id="projects_ongoing"></div>
  • [Admin] Design has been changed on the email notifier when adding variables to the body of the message.

Manage your notifications - Google Chrome

  • Display of project page is now available in a table mode display !

List of projects - contribute to rising projects - Google Chrome

  • [Admin ] If your platform is using “groups” (challenges for call for project platforms or private investor groups for investment platforms), you can now import users into one or several groups if necessary.


  • [Reward platform] Display has been fixed on reward thumbnail. Spaces have been added between the description of the reward, the amount and the information on stocks available.


  • [Loan – Bond platform] Mail sent to investors has been changed when they receive a repayment and they are not subject to tax. They now receive the amount that is not impacted by tax.
  • Share box / social box is now visible for non connected users as well. They can share the page without being obliged to sign-in to the platform.

social box

  • The addition of protection for projects that fill information on their account but do not save it. An alert is displayed to invite them to save their modifications.