Particeep – Product update and new features, week #17 – 2016



  • Light display modifications on project thumbnails
  • Light display modifications on dashboard tables
  • Reward crowdfunding platforms: you can now edit the description of a reward through a richtext field
  • Project page : modification of the display inside the following tabs – comments/contributors/documents
  • A person added to the team of one project can now be part of other teams/projects
  • Project account : possibility to add a background picture on the project page (from the description page)
  • Equity platform : slight display modification on the capitalization table page (project account)
  • Call for projects platforms: modification of the display of the prensentation page of a call for project and the addition of a background picture
  • Hipay KYC process improvement : now managed through API
  • Admin account: slight display modification on the import page
  • Admin account: project/entreprise status added to the project/entreprise table
  • Admin account: you can now create new content page (no limit)


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