Particeep – Product update and new features, week #18 – 2016


  • Administrator account, email notification edition : you can now edit the email notifications.mail_notif_editWhen editing is switched off, the original mail notification is sent.
    Be careful of the two ON/OFF modes. The first is for activation / deactivation of the notification. The second is for clicking on the the field to activate or deactivate customized mail.
    We provide default links as well in the edit modes : for example, when creating an account the default link is the link to confirm the subscription.
  • Loan offer : It’s now possible to add a deferred period for the repayment of the capital of a loan.
    If you want to set up a deferred loan, the value date is now the date where the repayment of the capital and interest starts.
    After choosing the value date, and according to the repayment frequency, a gauge is displayed.
    The bullet point is the date on which only interest starts to be repaid (not capital). In the example above, the first repayment date for interest only is the 30th of july and the first repayment date of interest and capital is the 30th of september.differed_loan
  • Subscription process for projects : the third step of project subscription is not asked any more (team information.)
    Account owner can now edit the team after sign up when on the dashboard.
  • Redirection when sign in.  It’s possible to define a redirection (one for investors/donators/voters and one for projects) after the login.
    The redirection is now applied as well after the sign in.


Any question ? Ask Hugo, our account manager.