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đź’Ľ Digital products available Mortgage loan (x1) Borrower insurance (x3) Account opening (x1) Funeral expenses insurance (x1) Health/provident insurance (x1) Repatriation death insurance (x1) Life insurance (x1) 🚀 Evolutions Addition of a functional brick making it possible to improve the personalization of the subscription routes via a CSS. All the elements of a step can […]


đź’Ľ New digital products available Funeral insurance: Mutac Borrower insurance: BNP Cardif MetLife AFI ESCA Professional Liability pro and Professional Liability pro + cyber: Hiscox 🚀 Evolution Retrieval of the information provided by the subscriber at any stage of the subscription process, Possibility of recording customer data in case of an exit during the customer […]


🚀 Improvements Monitoring of the status of distribution agreements by banks and insurance companies Addition of a data mapping space between several offers on the same subscription route Addition of flexible payment frequencies on all product offerings. Addition of graphic elements in the subscription path editor (icons, id) Addition of additional information to the subscriber […]


🚀 Improvements Customer journey Addition of recurring payment by credit card Addition of email notifications linked to signatures Possibility for the subscriber to create an online payment account Bank / insurance dashboard Addition of an optional parameter on the verification by SMS of the telephone number Adding several offers to a single subscription path to […]


Particeep integrated Zapier to easily connect a variety of web applications and automate tedious tasks. Overview of the benefits of this integration. Zapier is an extremely effective tool for connecting popular apps with each other. Zapier allows for example to connect Gmail to Salesforce or Google Sheets to Slack. Several applications can be used in […]


Donation and reward-based new white-label crowdfunding platform templates Particeep just adds a brain new template for white-label crowdfunding platform dedicated to reward-based and donation funding.Our team focused on the user experience, keeping as simple as possible all the registration and donation process.Creating a project is as well very simple.The admin of the platform can access a […]


Particeep improves the interface and user journey on all platforms Particeep is a SAAS solution to build investment marketplaces. Particeep offers a new user interface to build a unique experience for investors, projects or financial partners during the financial operation process. Particeep has also implemented new offers dedicated to asset managers looking to create distribution […]


Product updates on October 24, 2016 Live: Monday 24 Octobre, 2016 Document upload: It is now possible to add the ‘document upload’ feature on your investor profiles or on your project questionnaire. Validity date: The validity date needs to be filled out only once now for recto and verso. Previously the date had to be […]


Update Particeep Go live : wenesday 7 september 2016 Header and footer are now fully customizable : You can edit header and footer withouth any risk. If you make a mistake, just trash your page and the initial header/footer will come back. You can edit header/footer on the “Edit Content” page on the admin back-office. After choosing to create a customized […]

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Do you want turnkey financial services distribution solutions?

DĂ©couvrez nos solutions Particeep Plug et Particeep Finstore.