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Paris, France – 06 May 2021

The fintech Particeep, a leader SaaS distribution solution for financial products and services, welcomes a major actor, MetLife France, among its clients.

Thanks to the turnkey and customizable subscription solution Particeep Plug, the insurance company MetLife France, will accelerate the distribution of Funeral Insurance, Hospitalization Guarantee or Accidents directly on its website and via its sponsors (credit organizations, mass distribution, etc.).

This collaboration allows MetLife France to digitize the subscription processes for its products and to simplify their integration into all customer interfaces and information systems of the partner network.

Indeed, the Particeep Plug solution enables the creation in record time of financial product subscription journeys and their integration without IT development on any platform with a simple copy + paste of a line of code.

By implementing end-to-end online customer journeys with Particeep Plug, MetLife France wishes to:

  • Acquire new customers on third-party sites by offering plug and play subscription journeys;
  • Improve the conversion rate through better customer engagement;
  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering a complete digital experience with the assistance of an advisor if necessary.

A seamless customer experience

Bringing a seamless and an end-to-end, customer experience was one of MetLife’s challenges.

In addition to the self-care 100% digital subscription process made available to prospects on the MetLife website and those of its distribution partners, the insurance company offers its sponsors the possibility of relying on an innovative solution. as part of their day-to-day sales activity.

David Ancelin, Digital Manager of MetLife France, declares: “The digitalization of our insurance journeys, both in own brand and for our partners, has become essential to respond to the current acceleration of digital uses and improve the experience offered to our customers. . The Particeep Plug solution allowed us to save precious time in the deployment of our digital strategy thanks to turnkey courses, easy to integrate and duplicate for the whole of our partners. The expertise of their teams, their support and their availability have also proved useful for MetLife.

Steve Fogue, President and Co-founder of Particeep, adds: “At Particeep, we are committed to enabling financial institutions to digitize all the channels for subscribing to their financial products in record time and without IT development. The adoption of Particeep Plug by the insurance company MetLife, leader in its market, reinforces the added value of this solution in the service of omnichannel digital distribution for insurers and their distribution partners.

About Particeep
Particeep is a fintech that provides SaaS solutions for online distribution of banking, insurance and saving products. Particeep helps banks, insurers, asset management companies and their distributors to deploy digital subscription solutions for their products and services connected to their existing information system in less than a month. Among its customers, Particeep has major players in banking, insurance and investment in France, Europe and the United States such as Crédit du Nord, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, Crédit Agricole, MetLife, Groupama, RCI Bank and Paref Gestion. Particeep is a Young Innovative Company, twice labeled by Finance Innovation and winner of a dozen awards such as the Best Open Banking API Europe 2020 award of the Global Banking & Finance Review and the Open Banking awards of Innovation Bank in 2018 and 2017.
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About MetLife
Founded in 1868, MetLife is a leading international player in life insurance and employee benefits with nearly 100 million clients across 50 countries and occupies a leading position in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In France for more than 40 years, MetLife and its 300 employees have offered provident plans to men and women, individuals, professionals and companies. Thanks to its ability to take risks and to its perfect mastery of distribution channels, MetLife offers adapted and efficient solutions to meet the particularities of each individual. With the support of thousands of independent brokers, MetLife markets personal creditor insurance and provident guarantees. Its commercial, medical and financial know-how enables it to provide personalized responses to its customers, particularly in the event of health problems, age or high capital, sport or occupation at risk.

MetLife Europe d.a.c. Company incorporated under Irish law, incorporated as a “Designated Activity Company”, registered in Ireland under number 415123. French branch at 5 Place de la Pyramide, 92800 Puteaux. 799 036 710 RCS Nanterre. MetLife Europe Insurance d.a.c. Company incorporated under Irish law, incorporated as a “Designated Activity Company”, registered in Ireland under number 472350. French branch at 5 Place de la Pyramide, 92800 Puteaux. 798 956 314 RCS Nanterre Headquarters of MetLife Europe d.a.c. and MetLife Europe Insurance d.a.c. : 20 on Hatch, lower Hatch Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. MetLife Europe d.a.c. and MetLife Europe Insurance d.a.c. (both operating under the trade name MetLife) are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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