Discover our investment marketplace software at the North Africa Future Banking 2016


Particeep will be attending the North Africa Future Banking 2016 in Egypt. The conference will be hold on October 24th-25th at the Nile Ritz-Carlton in Cairo, Egypt.

Particeep, a SAAS solution to create investment marketplaces, will be in Egypt to discuss its software technology and how it can disrupt the African digital banking industry. Particeep largely influences the digital banking industry by building online financial product distribution platforms for all types of banks or institutions. For the last couple years, Particeep has had an impact in the African banking industry in Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Tunisia and has a large knowledge of the African investment and banking industry.
The conference will target topics that directly impact digital banking in North Africa. The main topics are the future of digital banking and payment technologies such as modernizing the payment environment by incorporating cashless technology. North Africa Future Banking will also discuss omni channel banking such as technology and innovation to improve the customer interaction and creating a holistic view of the customer and cybersecurity to secure your digitization.

The North Africa Future Banking will also highlight the latest trends, opportunities and challenges, innovation in mobile and internet banking, customer acquisition, the potential of big data and data analytics, comprehensive data and risk management.
Particeep as a leader in the European digital banking market is now looking to expand in Africa.

Steve FOGUE, cofounder and CEO of the company will give his insights on the future of digital banking in North Africa and how Particeep can help financial institutions face the digital revolution that is transforming their industry.

Come by the event, meet Particeep cofounders Steve FOGUE and David DUMONT and discuss your project and get a demo of our SaaS solution to bring your financial investment services online.

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