Here are the new features of the week. With Particeep product updates, find the new ways to efficiently proceed paperless funding operations


Simplified management of funding requests for the project leader FundingRequests

The project leader can follow their financial operations with ease. He/she has the transaction history, details of each operation and the list of investors, just a click away.


Simplified control of financing activities (history and monitoring)


The administrator can dynamically update the status of financing operations.

The administrator can move from one status to another without constraint. This gives them unprecedented flexibility in managing their deal flow.

In addition, the administrator has direct access to the publishing of the offer and to previous transaction history.


Addition of the reason for refusal of a bank transaction for users

For each payment refused, the user now receives an email notification with the reasons for refusal of the transaction.


List management of user statuses


The administrator can now manage the status and the access of its members with flexibility. He/she can change the access rights or the specific status of its members as they wish.


Management of indicators to monitor companies


Follow the company’s performance indicators. The administrator can configure an indicator update frequency. The project leaders are then notified in order to feed their data.


Schedule the repayment of your interest


You are project leader and you do not want to miss a repayment of your loan, you can now save your bank details.

You will be automatically charged the amount of each repayment of the loan.

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