🚀 Improvements

Customer journey

  • Addition of recurring payment by credit card
  • Addition of email notifications linked to signatures
  • Possibility for the subscriber to create an online payment account

Bank / insurance dashboard

  • Addition of an optional parameter on the verification by SMS of the telephone number
  • Adding several offers to a single subscription path to compare offers for example
  • Optimization of the management of requests for distribution agreements

Broker dashboard

  • Customization of the display of prices, guarantees and distribution costs

🔧 Corrections

Client dashboard

  • Better display of the errors encountered during the subscription journeys made by the subscribers.

🚀 Developments

Admin dashboard

  • Addition of a condition allowing to sign documents according to the type of bank account used for the subscription (securities account, PEA …)

Advisor dashboard

  • Redesign of the user creation tunnel: chaining of steps and addition of completion checks
  • Addition of an alert message when creating a subscription if the investor profile is not complete

Client dashboard

  • The verification step of identity documents is now compulsory – The subscriber must download a document to proceed.
  • Addition of the description of the document to be signed or signed in the signature table in the customer area

🔧 Corrections

Advisor area

  • Correction of the bug on the search for sales advisers

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