Particeep has launched a finance API to build online investment marketplaces

Particeep has launched a new Rest API (Application Programming Interface) for all investment industries (Fintech, asset management) and the banking industry to allow them to build investment marketplaces to distribute their products and services online.

This API is made of many functionalities from financial engineering to third party integration systems such as payments, scoring, online signature.

The goal is for Fintechs to quickly launch their services by only developing the ‘view’ part of their platforms (front-end) without having to develop other complex functionalities, which are already offered by Particeep (back-end).

For asset managers and banks, the goal is to launch their own solutions a lot quicker and at a much lower costs than having their IT team doing the work internally or SSII companies.

The Particeep API data format is JSON. A Swagger documentation is also available, which allows to test live all API requests.

The Particeep API offers many functionalities, which are useful for the entire investment value channel:

  • user acquisitions, sign up, investor profil submissions, KYC
  • document management
  • role management (investors, admins, due diligence analysis, …)
  • company information management
  • funding offer management: equity, loan, bond, donations
  • repayment management: dividends, interests, coupons
  • payment management and online wallet via third party integrations: Hipay, MangoPay (available soon), LemonWay (available soon)
  • document online signature via Universign
  • investment follow up metrics : part price, valorisation, revenue, …
  • chat system
  • secondary market deals (available in 2017)

How to use the Particeep API to launch an investment marketplace?

There are two solutions to launch an investment marketplace via the Particeep API: use only the API or use the API along with a ready to go platform

Particeep API without a platform template

If you are looking to launch an investment marketplace with the Particeep API, it requires development skills on your hand to develop the ‘views’ (front-end) of the platform. Also, it has the quality to define the entire user experience. The only negative point is that the development time takes longer.

Particeep API with platform template

Particeep offers a platform catalogue ready to use based on the Particeep API. The platform codes can be used as if or can be used as a starting point to building a new marketplace, sightly different than the user experience.

Getting an API Key

If your team wishes to test the Particeep API or to launch a platform, please contact our sales team.


One of the first Particeep customers to have used the Particeep API is Cocoricauses, which is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to country projects. Cocoricauses is also supported by the AXA Group.
Cocoricauses has used a customized platform template, very well though out in terms of user experience.

To see how to integrate the Particeep API on your platform, please visit the Particeep API documentation.

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