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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Both created in 2013, Testamento, an estate anticipation platform, and Particeep, which offers turnkey solutions for online subscription to financial services, have just announced the signing of a technology partnership. Banks, mutuals and insurers are now benefiting from this offer.

Bank-Insurance: Digitalisation needed more than ever

Since the Covid-19 epidemic containment period, having 100% digital sales solutions has never been more important. According to a white paper by CXP Group, “only 30% of insurance players have a strategic approach to these issues”. Technological barriers are gradually rising thanks to initiatives by insurers to overhaul their computer systems, which are expected to accelerate.

Combine recognized know-how between experienced startups

In this context, Particeep and Testamento propose a ready-to-use and customizable solution for underwriting life insurance products, including the management of the beneficiary clause. In practical terms, it is now very simple to integrate, in a career path of underwriting a life insurance product created with the Solution Plug of Particeep, the module of designation of beneficiaries designed by Testamento. This route is then deployed in a few weeks for all cases of use: subscription with an advisor in person, by phone, or independently.

Fintechs at the service of financial and insurance players

Virgil Delporte, President and Co-Founder of Testamento explains: “This partnership opens up new opportunities in the life insurance market for our partners, all players in the insurance sector. They need to speed up their digitalization, and the combinations and complementarities we offer with Particeep will save them a lot of time. Our solutions will bring a higher level of advice, compliance, value added to customers while significantly reducing management costs. »

Steve Fogue, President and co-founder of Particeep adds: “We are delighted with this technological partnership with Testamento in a rapidly changing insurance market. According to an EY study, 80% of consumers plan to interact with their insurance through digital channels. Our role is to offer the market complete, simple, quick to implement and taking into account the specifics produced such as the beneficiary clause designation module designed by Testamento. » 

Alain Clot, President of France FinTech, whose two startups are members, is also pleased to see this initiative between two of our members who already have strong credentials in their respective markets. This unites and strengthens our ecosystem. In this time of crisis, startups can contribute a lot to both their customers and their partners. This offer can in particular simplify the work of the technical teams of banks and insurance companies, always as mobilized and under great stress. »

About Testamento

TESTAMENTO, a platform for inheritance anticipation, has been democratizing the security of the wills and heritage of the greatest number since 2013. Designed with notaries, lawyers, and insurers, the platform offers information on succession, transmission, and tools for drafting legal documents to secure everyone’s wealth. Documents can be legally archived or entered into the central notaries’ file (FCDDV), reviewed and kept for life by one of the site’s notaries. Accompanied by Telecom Sud-Paris, the Entrepreneurship Network, and the French Assurtech accelerator, Testamento is labalized Finance Innovation. The company has raised 3.3 million euros and already has more than 10 partnerships with major players in banking and insurance in France. In 2020, Testamento joined the association France Fintech.

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About Particeep

Particeep is a fintech company that provides banks, management companies, insurers and their distributors with turnkey solutions for the online marketing of their financial products and services. In addition to its API, it offers micro-banking and ready-to-use insurance solutions, white-label solutions for online distribution of banking, insurance and investment products.

Particeep is an Innovative Young Company, twice certified by Finance Innovation and winner of a dozen awards such as the Best Open Banking API Europe 2020 Award from the Global Banking – Finance Review and the Open Banking Awards from Bank Innovation in 2018 and 2017. Since its creation in 2013, Particeep has raised 2.55 million euros and counts among its clients major players in banking, insurance and savings in France and Europe.

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For Testamento: Sandrine Lennes – Tel: 06 82 97 89 04 –

For Particeep: Saltana El Jazouli – Tel: 07 49 10 26 86 –
ou Mathieu Roux – tel: 01 82 28 06 56 –



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