Deal flow management tool for Business Angels and syndicates

Particeep provides a private deal flow management platform to Business Angels Clubs and syndicates.

On this confidential and securized platform, startup, SMEs or seed projects can submit their profile and present their  activity. On the other side angel investors can browse opportunities according to their criterias, invest and follow their investment till the exit.

Particeep, tool for business angels and syndcates

Projects sourcing

Any project, startup, SME can register on your platform and feed informations:

  • General description
  • Video
  • Team composition
  • Shareholder list
  • Fill a google like form in order to answer specific questions
  • Documents : any type of document without storage limits.
  • Funding conditions : amount to raise, valuation, …
  • keys figures : revenues, cash burn….
Tool for BA,  company view

Tool for BA, company view

Projects selection

The administrator of the platform can compose a general investment comitee for all project or an investment comitee per project.
The investment comitee  rates and comments on each projects. The administrator can then reviews ratings results and launch the fundraise.

Jury (experts) rate and comment projects

Jury (experts) rate and comment projects

Funding & closing

Once the fundraise is launched, each  individual on the platform can invest and specify the amount of shares he/she wants to buy.
When all legal documents are signed and funds are available, the administrator confirm all transactions and close the fundraise.
The investment is now in the portfolio of each investor and they can follow the performance !

Tool for BA : investors

Tool for BA : investors

As an administrator of the platform you have access to tables  with all the data you need. You can export all these data in Excel files.

Track performances

Each company has to feed KPI (Key Performance Indicators) on a regular basis. Those KPI are  available for each investor so they can have a regular update on the activity and the condition of the company they invested in.

Tool for BA : KPI

Tool for BA: KPI

What our clients say  about us ?

Particeep engine simplifies the selection, execution, monitoring and exit of investments for Angels network. We can finally devote ourselves to project team coaching.

Eric Toppan, General Secretary, ForInvest Business Angels

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