Venture Capital Software for General Partners

Particeep software is designed for VC to ease startups or small and medium enterprises funding.
With this venture capital software,  VC can monitor their dealflow from sourcing to exit , give access to experts to proceed due diligences and track their key performance indicators.


Web Portal

  • White label platform
  • plug your own domain name
  • Private and securized access
Particeep : venture capital software

Particeep : venture capital software

Sourcing and qualification :

  • Sourcing : manage dealflow and pipeline. Automatic notifications according to candidates rejections or selections.

    Venture  Capital tool software

    Venture Capital tool software

  • Documents management : Manage your dataroom as you want and define your documents’ confidentiality

    Venture Capital software : manage documents

    Venture Capital software : manage documents

  • Online due diligence : appoint experts and allow them to rate and comment applications according to specific metrics
Venture Capital Software : due diligence

Due Diligence,  Particeep VC Software


  • Invest in selected candidates
  • Manage closing documents online
  • Allow investors to take decisions and coinvest



  • Live portfolio composition
  • Live KPI (key performance indicators) tracking

    KPI tracking

    KPI tracking,  Particeep VC Software

  • Shareholder list and evolution

    Capitalization structure : VC software

    Capitalization structure :  Particeep VC software

  • Give access to your Limited Partners (LP)


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