💼 New digital products available

  • Funeral insurance:
    • Mutac
  • Borrower insurance:
    • BNP Cardif
    • MetLife
    • AFI ESCA
  • Professional Liability pro and Professional Liability pro + cyber:
    • Hiscox

🚀 Evolution

  • Retrieval of the information provided by the subscriber at any stage of the subscription process,
  • Possibility of recording customer data in case of an exit during the customer journeys integrated via the script in web interfaces,
  • Addition of a button to modify the country code of the telephone number field in the subscription routes,
  • Possibility of generating a pre-filled document and downloading it without signing it (example: insurance certificate),
  • Possibility of editing the information pre-filled in the documents to be signed in the event of an entry error,
  • Developments related to CSS customization possibilities for subscription paths
  • Customization of subscriber client areas in the colors of broker-distributors
  • Addition of access rights management for three profiles:
    • Producer: bank or insurance,
    • Distributor manager: distributor, partner, wholesale broker,
    • Distributor sales: advisers, brokers attached to the wholesale broker.

🔧 Bugs fix

  • Editing of the subscription by the broker,
  • Display of payment periods on payment schedules,
  • Editing of route exit conditions in the subscription route editor.

🚀 Evolution

  • Addition of an action for the administrator and the adviser allowing to regenerate the subscription documents intended for the investor,
  • Addition of a Particeep wallet allowing you to connect any payment service, any currency, any type of currency to the Particeep solution in full autonomy,
  • Addition of an automatic notification to the distributor partner when a transaction he initiated is validated,
  • Addition of a module for managing entry fees by distribution partners on transactions initiated on behalf of their customers,
  • Addition of the URL of the document to be signed in the email notifications sent to investors in order to offer a signature without reconnecting to the Particeep application.
  • Redesign of the process for creating a capital, debt, bond, and fund transaction, Update of the table management module (display, filters, sorting, etc.), Display of the sum of future payments for all operations already closed on the investor dashboard, Addition of a table which aggregates the flow of payments to be received on all the investor’s subscriptions,
  • Addition of a management module for Semitic languages ​​(ex: Arabic),
  • Addition of a multilingual management mode of the online form editor,
  • Addition of internal statuses on the transactions allowing to categorize the actions to be done or to come on the transactions for the administrator,
  • Addition of an option to make the BIC code optional in order to facilitate the management of international bank accounts,
  • Addition of automatic assignment of products to distribution partners.

🔧 Bugs Fix

  • Overhaul of the mechanics of automated repayments of deadlines (display, calculation of taxes, etc.),
  • History of internal comments on investor files,
  • Display of the completed and signed customer knowledge questionnaire in the investor profile
  • Email notification of the investor when the net asset value is modified on one of his transactions.

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